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Mythic Tarot

Seriously? Tarot? What are you… a teenage girl? Well. No. But I do relate to witchiness and the religion, philosophies and mythology of the ancient Greeks. I have been wanting to learn more about this particular, or rather these 78 particular, pieces of esoterica for some time, so here we go. I’m just sharing my notes. So, last Friday I was in Pandora’s and saw these, which take all the layers of the original tarot and layer in Hellenic mythology as well. So there you go. Worst case I cook up a really convoluted game of poker and call it a day. Or maybe not.

The Fool Tarot


Right side up: New beginnings and awesomeness Upside down: Cliff. Dude. Here we have the fool, the young Dionysus, happy and go lucky as he is about to step off of a cliff while a bird watches. And we all think we know what’s going to happen next in our little saga on a card. Which is why tarot is kinda awesome. It doesn’t mean anything what your first impression tells you. Behold: The young Dionysus, twice-born demi, later full on, god of light and ecstasy (not the drug, though I suppose…). He gave us wine for merriment and spirituality to quest for the deeper truths that lie right behind the curtain for those who dare to peek.. He steps joyously from the dark cave of unconscious being, where he has struggled over gnarly piles of rocks into the rising sun as Zeus, up in the tree pretending to be a bird, is watching. His joy the joy of epiphany, awareness. But like any young creature this knowledge is not yet balanced with wisdom. Before the fool lies the rising sun, the dawning of a new day. The mountains his spiritual quest to find his home on Olympus, with the cliff representing the risks always associated with opportunity. And even that step is the proverbial leap of faith, and that is cool too. Because Zeus is right there in the tree, pretending to be a bird. Awesome. The there is when it rolls in upside down, Yup. Nothin’ there but you, the cliff, what happens at the bottom of the cliff, and the bird floating lazily on down for a snack. And that’s The Fool Tarot. [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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