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“I ask for, not at once no government, but at once a better government. Let every man make known what kind of government would command his respect, and that will be one step toward obtaining it.” Henry David Thoreau, On Civil Disobedience  
Part of the problem we got going on up in here is this: way too many folks are making known what form of government they want. No shortage of those people. Sadly, perhaps tragically even, some seem only interested in fulfilling their own private agendas. And yes, this perfidy is done without regard to the needs or desires of others, or any goal of seeking the mutual understanding to be obtained through cooperation and compromise. Only that all the demands of their own special interest be fully met. And as I, bovine fecologist that I am, recline back and observe. I see very little respect, not for rule of law, not for others, not for decent comportment or even in a lot of cases themselves. I asked meself what word Henry D would use to describe the 21st century, Though really? One word? Old HD couldn’t do anything with one word when there were a dozen or so really fancy ones and a couple of mythical allusions that would work. Why I love him so much. But since I’m trying to be more of a Mark Twain here…. You get it. One word my answer? Barbaric. Civilization sans the “Civil.” Thats just an ization, and who the hell wants to live in one of those? Try it on , go ahead, say it out loud. “Western Ization.” See? It just doesn’t work. Put the “Civil” back in dammit. Because this condition cannot long continue. For many the social ills we face are but symptoms of a core disease. To treat it requires not a physician but a philosopher. The first course of treatment? Show a little respect. Cry for Freedom all you wish, but without respect for each other and our various viewpoints, true freedom will always elude. For when people do not respect one another and the myriad facets of all that being another is. Without respect there can be no prosperity, and eventually there will be no country in which any of us would care to live. To apply the treatment, just be respectful yourself. Always. Change begins one person at a time. For  dearest, before we can make a step towards obtaining a government we respect, and conversely one that respects us, we must first show respect. Respect can morph dreadfully disturbing divisiveness into delightful diversity, fatally fractured frailty into the steady strength of solidarity. It can even help ensure that most of us get most of what we want. Respect can forge tolerance, and from tolerance springs understanding and friendships, and from that grows virtue, from which all true prosperity flows. And that is the quiet revolution moment  from the Pagan Preacher. Throw the horns… and show a little respect would ya? \m/ [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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