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What is the true state of our American Disunion? Fucked. Simple answer to a comples question.

Rant, Tirade Opinion by John Atkinson

Who dwells upon Olympus?

I ask you, have we not had enough of populist movements, personality politics and the power of money defining our fractured collective reality?

To sum up the state of things in The America, we have: 

  • A guy plagued by a number of personality disorders presiding over a corrupt plutocracy/oligarchy using a revolving-door cabinet comprised of appointees made by connection and quid pro quo rather than ability,
  • A guy running against that guy whose only platform is "I'm not that guy."
  • A polarized deliberately, often willingly, misinformed populace manipulated by demagogues of competing ideologies through the vehicle of biased media channels.
  • A pandemic with a disturbing number of unknowns and conflicting/inaccurate/incomplete/misinterpreted/misrepresented data all the way around. That's a lot of fucking words separated by backslashes to describe something so important.
  • A national response to that pandemic that would need to up its game to be classified by the historical record as a shitshow.
  • An economy in meltdown, with the demagogues demogogging away at a now scared shit-less, still polarized population.

Did I miss anything?


we have  with  Ideologies in many cases a fiction as both ideologies serve at the sufferance and behest of wealth and corporate power. Despite the chanted mantras of the demagogues.

As good as it gets

And the best the meaningful opposition can muster up for a platform is “I’m not that guy.” .

This after expending huge amounts of scratch and energy derailing the voice of progress and reason. Who did have a platform that involved change for the betterment of the ordinary at the expense of wealth and power. Un-fucking-acceptable to wealth and power. So. let’s drop in a billionaire who is going to throw about a fuckton of money to mix things up. Sculpt the media narrative to reflect our desired outcome, and the sheeple will climb right on board our bullshit train to nowhere.

And so goes on and on in The America.

Americans. Its time to wake up to the fact that our country is a bad fucking reality TV show. With different versions of the narrative depending on the media outlets of choice. New episodes daily. WTF are Donald, Nancy, Mitch, Linsay or Harry going to do this week? What outrageous bullshit are they going to clog the brain and air waves upo with now.

Only the screenwriters for the America show did not count on COVID-19.