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Here Lives Clarity – Blackledge Falls/Gay City

Rant, Tirade Opinion by John Atkinson

Here Lives Clarity - Blackledge Falls/Gay CityClarity. It is difficult to find these days, with the bullshit tornado battering us from every side until silent madness creeps across the mind like ink spreading across the water. No, not weirdo, do awful shit madness, but the same madness that holds all too many of us in its sway.

I found myself desperately needing to find that bright place, away from the noise, if not in the sun at least outside. To find the eye of the bullshit storm and be in a place of calm, tranquility, clarity. And to take that peace away from the woods with me.

My answer was a 7-mile hike, yes it did take 5 hours, clarity takes time. I only had my phone, so didn’t want the distraction of photography while I was finding my way to commune with the divine. I needed to feed the inner mystic more than I needed another photo of a tree.