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The FDA recommends a calorie intake of 2500  Calories a day for men and 2000 calories a day for women. This is a general recommendation and not very accurate. Your actual Total Energy Expenditure or TEE is likely quite different. It is based on a combination of your BMR, Basal Metabolic Rate, and your activity level. In order to adjust your eating for weight loss, you don’t need to geek out, but you do need to know the numbers provided by this banging free calculator I am giving you for your knowledge and joy. Okay. Maybe not joy.

The binary nature of this calculator isn’t exclusionary. Hormones have changed everything. This calculator would be completely inaccurate for you. However, if you are transitioning female your caloric needs will decrease as the hormones do their thing and your body composition changes. What was your normal caloric burn as a male might well be overeating a year into treatments. Hey, higher-than-average weight gain among trans people is a rising concern. Just throwing that out there for everybody’s consideration.

These are general recommendations based upon about 20% of your calories coming from proteins. These numbers assume a balanced diet with recommendations based on whether you wish to lose, gain or maintain weight. Depending on your health, other factors such as practitioner recommendations over-ride anything you find on any web site, even this one. Doctor’s orders are the ultimate trump card in your dietary game if you are obese and or suffer from obesity-related disorders.

Your precise macro balance can be shown by a nutritional DNA test, but really? No need to geek out on these. You can, but while losing weight the one to pay closest attention too is protein. You need 0.6 to 0.8 grams per pound of body weight per day. More doesn’t help. Less hurts. 

Know your Numbers

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