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Make America Great Again

What is great? And what period of American history is represented by "Again?" So many questions.

Rant, Tirade Opinion by John Atkinson

What a statement of need. You know, somebody should put that on a hat, maybe use it as a campaign slogan or something. Oh Wait….

So what does Great mean anyway? And to whom does it mean that to.?

And again? What again? The again bit infers a previously held state of greatness, does it not? So. What again? Especially since we’ve already moved on to “Keep America Great” indicating a goal accomplished. Given the data, I’d say it was. At least until the COVID-19 turd dropped into the presidential punchbowl.

What Great? What Again?

Inquiring minds just want to know

So being that guy who just likes to know shit. I went to the task of finding out who America was being great for in this here day of bombastic tweets and bloviating bleats. I was not the very least bit surprised to find a whole fuckton of greatness.

Memes by John

 And people upon whom America’s Greatness rested.

So lets start with Jeffrey. Jeffy started 2016 with a mere $45 billion. Which as of today is up to $143 billion. Do a little exercise in your head and convert dollars to years. That’s more than ten times the age of the fucking universe. America has been pretty great for Jeffrey. 

Lets see. Who else was America really great for?  Jim, Alice and Rob Walton all became significantly more billion-airy over those three years. Not that the people on whose backs that greatness was achieved lives became any greater, or even less shitty.

Guess who else The America was pretty fucking awesome for? Charles and David Koch had managed about a 30% increase in their net worth. But then Dave up and died and the Coronaclypse went off and yeah, the family is down a few bil. But they’ll get it back and then some lickety-split. Count on that. The Koch’s prove how throwing 8-900 million dollars at the GOP election machine can be leveraged into tens of billions in mostly tax free gains when the distinguished ladies and gentleman do their job and get your companies some pretty sweet tax breaks. Micheal Bloomberg showed us how throwing a billion dollars at a farcical “campaign” can derail a progressive movement only partly commited to having our country back. Thus a few examples from an ever net-worth growing list of great Americans in The America the Great.


Epiphanies in the mist

Well, having discovered who The America had been made great again for, it became readily evident the former greatness represented for by the word “Again.” The age of robber barons before the people finally got fed up with being on the shitty end of the stick and the labor revolution took place. Yup That greatness we were bringing back was none other than the Golden Age of Corruption. 

When instead of names like Bezos, Zuckerberg, Koch, Bloomberg and Walton, great Americans had names like Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Vanderbilt.

Been here before

Welcome to the America. The corrupt system of greed,  injustice,  opportunism, casual cruelty and oppressive ignorance that has supplanted the freedoms, nobility and innovation of the Constitutional Republic it once was. Oh its never been perfect and most times far from. America and Americans have ever had a difficult time living up to the ideas upon which the country was founded. Choosing as important points of freedom critical issues such as staying six feet from other people or wearing a mask in proximity to others during a global and globally misunderstood pandemic, while they gladly scream to once again wear the chains of wage slavery out of need.

Chains that we have been convinced we MUST wear to be prosperous by the very voices who have worked to take away the true spirit of freedom

Make no mistake, this is a class war. A war that has been waged against the people of the USA by the millionaire/billionaire class since before many of my readers were born.

Their weapons, which they have gained through the power of purchasing legislation designed to benefit themselves while diminishing you. 

Weapons they deliberately forged.  By creating a healthcare system that ties medical accessibility to employment they have ensured a workforce captivated by need. By controlling a legislative body they ensure that worker compensation is kept low. Don’t believe? Google “Wage growth over the last thirty years.” Then have a nice cup of latte while you wake the fuck up. 

Bullshit. It’s the best and most effective weapon in their arsenal. Bullshit, that is. Wielded by media channels they own. following a script designed to polarize and keep us at each others throats with opposing narratives. Scripts that they themselves write and tweak daily in the thus far pretty damn successful quest for the domination of our culture, our society and ourselves through the psychology of confusion. Seeds sown among a populace in the grip of the physical reality of material need. A populace made easy prey by the quiet desperation that is daily life for nearly half of Americans. With that desperation approaching critical mass for many in this time when misinformation is bombarding us daily. Misinformation from a leadership looking more like a bunch of monkeys trying to fuck a football than a team with a game plan and a strategy.

This is what you get folks, when you buy into and give legitimacy to the reality TV show being put on for you by wealth and power. You do that by waving their red or blue flag and chanting their mad songs.

Great and again then

And so we reach the end of greatness and again. People are ramping up for the November thing with their slogans and chants, and the mad belief that somehow something will change for them. It won’t. Your guy has had his head neck deep up the ass of wealth and power for over forty years. That is why he is their choice that they made for you. You think he is going to wake up and suddenly fix things for you?

You watched them as they once again used the weapons of money and bullshit to ruthlessly squash a move of the people. . again.

And so I ask and yet without answer. What is great? That is for you to decide. Both what it is and if it is worth the effort to fight to achieve. 

As to Again? There is no fucking again. Take your head from that place. Again is an dream unfit for our current and dire reality. Again is a a toxic delusion that could murder the species. Fuck Again. There lie niether hope nor answer in a past whose illusions and delusions of greatness died with it. There is only an unknown future and each other.

Greatness must be forged anew. And if America is to enjoy that greatness it to, must be reforged.

Peace, Shalom, Salaam. May God Bless and keep you from harm.