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Bellows Falls

Bellows Falls is a small village, part of the town of Rockingham, located on the Vermont side of Connecticut River. Our main reason for coming was the Petroglyphs, but discovered even more.

A walk through a Small Vermont Village

Bellows Falls Village lies within the Town of Rockingham, Vermont. It is home to the Green Mountain Railroad as well as a set of (ancient) native petroglyphs.

Bellows Falls is a village within the town of Rockingham, which is nestled in the Connecticut River Valley. Sitting on the Vermont side of the river. Part of the village is located on an island created by a canal cut arund the falls to allow for barge traffic back in the day. 

The walk was short and included a very cool second hand bookstore, the Arch Bridge Bookshop, that was floor to ceiling with treasures.

The object of the visit for me, the native-ish petroglyphs were inaccessible to me because it involved a climb and I was in a sling. I say native-ish because some bright someone ion charge of something in the 1930’s thought it would be a grand idea to gouge them in a little deeper for visibility. 

Great little town I hope to revisit.

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