Delaware Water Gap

2018 Road Trip to Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area. A scenic area home to numerous waterfalls and interesting Geology. This place will be worth a revisit

Bushkill Falls Walkway

Elevated walkways offered good views and photo opportunities. Though the price to get in seemed pretty steep, it takes a lot to build and maintain miles of boardwalk.

The Main Falls - Bushkill

The Main Falls on Bushkill Creek billed on one sign as the “Niagra of Pennsylvania.” Yeah. Okay. If you go there with that expectation standby to be disappointed. The falls are just fine in their own right.

Tom's Creek At Egypt Mills

Very nice park and Creek belonging to Tom. Site was formerly the Town of Egypt Mills. Some towns just don’t catch on. No idea why this one didn’t. Swell Creek though.

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Delaware Water Gap

We met a ranger at the falls who told us some of the history, which is in a book he is writing. The really interesting bit is almost the entire recreational area was forcibly bought from the people who owned property there for the purpose of building a dam.  The whole area was supposed to be a lake. Hey, maybe in an alternate universe it is. For now I really like it the way it is. Hoping for a 2019 camping trip.