A Trip to the Zoo – Roger Williams Zoo, Providence RI

I have mixed feelings about zoos. I like seeing exotic animals, but I watch them and they always cause me to ponder the nature of consciousness and the fact that I believe that it is far more pervasive than we at the top of the food chain might like to think. Perhaps it is a gift that is not ours alone.

Giraffe with Attitude

This guy looks like he wants to spit, probably at the small children just right over there. Of course, I could just be projecting.

Zebras in the Snow

There is just nothing in this poor critter’s genome that prepares it for being outside in New England winters. I had on layers and layers. and still had shiver moments.

Aftermath of the Pumpkin Spectacular

I always wondered what they do with the pumpkins after the annual gig they do. I am guessing the animals are fed pumpkin for days on end.

Color BW Filter

In this photo essay I deliberately tried in most cases to hide the signs of captivity, to draw attention to the animals themselves, and in the case of the mammals, to try and capture something of the creature’s personality. And they do have such a thing, which raises many questions within my own mind about the nature of animal consciousness. Do some of them feel the pain of captivity. What would we feel if we knew what they feel? 

How do you know another mind? One incapable of communicating it’s experiences. Short answer… you can’t. That remains a question for philosophers. 

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Providence, Rhode Island

Roger William's Park Zoo