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Wolf Rock Nature Preserve

Wolf Rock Nature Preserve in Eastern-Central Connecticut features great trails, rock climbing and numerous glacial features.

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Last Modified: December 19, 2020

Awesome trails with glacial Features

Wolf Rock Nature Preserve is part of Joshua’s Trust, a land trust near Mansfield Center in Eastern Central Connecticut. 

The rock from which it gets its name, which looks nothing like a wolf, BTW, is a glacial erratic perched atop a cliff frequently used by climbers.

It was a great set of trails and like all too many for me these days, insufficient liberty to fully explore and take the full measure of the place. Someday maybe. 

Best picture is that of Aby the little wolf with the rock looking out over the forest. Next best was the deep striations that Aby is studying closely in the first picture.

Glaciology Defs:

Erratic: A rock that the glacier carried as far as it was going to and left it.

Striations: When the Glacier drags a rock across another rock? It leave grooves.

The Glacier: The great Laurentide Ice Sheet that buried Connecticut under a mile of ice until just about 16,000 years ago.

wolf rock 4 scaled
Aby, She-Wolf of the North Surveys her Domain

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