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Pedernales River Nature Park

Pedernales River Nature Park is a great stop just off of I281 outside of Johnson City, Texas. Visited in November 2019.

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Last Modified: December 17, 2020

Great place for a short hike

Pedernales River Nature Park is LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority) park located just outside Johnson City between San Antonio and Marble Falls, The park contains a number of trails in a small area and is a wonderful walk. If you want more extensive hiking and river views Pedernales Falls State Park is nearby and worth the visit anytime of year.

There is a $5.00 usage fee, something that has the locals up in arms, but for me it is better to see this nominal fee charged than the land go to real estate developers. 

I thought the place was wonderful. Great example of Texas in late fall.

Perdenales Natural Preserve

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