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Elephant tears leave tracks

A Trip to the Zoo – Roger Williams Zoo, Providence RI

I have mixed feelings about zoos. I like seeing exotic animals, but I watch them and they always cause me to ponder the nature of consciousness and the fact that I believe that it is far more pervasive than we at the top of the food chain might like to think. Perhaps it is a gift that is not ours alone.

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Delaware Water Gap

2018 Road Trip to Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area. A scenic area home to numerous waterfalls and interesting Geology. This place will be worth a revisit

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Letter to Grandma

Lee Wilson was born in 1864 to Francis and Nancy Ann Slaughter. She and her husband Sam, a for real cowboy who drove cattle on the Chisholm trail, built a home in Burnet County Texas.

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Loaded Egg Muffins

Easy make-ahead breakfast for a week in the form of baked egg muffins loaded with meat and vegetables for a 26-gram protein boost with an overhead of only 264 calories and 5 grams net carbs for a satisfying start for the hurried morning.

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