October 7th, 2018

We are told that we are separated from the divine at birth via the simple act of breathing in life. Rent from the source by virtue of some ancestral grievance, some foul atrocity hailing from past unaccountable, the nature of which none can clearly speak.

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We are told

We are told that we are separated from the divine at birth via the simple act of breathing in life. Though a momentary stay of execution is provided for a short season of childhood, after which at some undefined and undefinable point we come fully accountable and are thus violently rent from the source by virtue of some ancestral grievance, some foul atrocity hailing from past unaccountable, the nature of which none can clearly speak. And those who profess the ability to do so are not the sort to which I desire to bide any time listening. We are told that the only way to reconnect with the divine is via whatever corporate method is offered by preaching and pamphlet. Or far worse, by writ and force of law. Which makes for that rarest of beast, the sincerest form of lawbreaker: the person who obeys all the laws of God and only those of men they they deem just and equitable, being answerable to themselves by their good conscience and understanding. I am studying to leave the naming of names, classifying of classifications and quantifying of quantities to they who are sadly so inclined. We are told, by some, “I have heard from God.” Oh? Did you get that just now or did you guys chat last Tuesday? Don’t you realize? God NEVER stops talking? To everyone. But we continue to not listen, and what we do hear comes down through so many filters of culture, religion, circumstance of life and our own prejudices, preconceptions and lack of self understanding that what is finally heard only remotely resembles the tiny piece of a long love song that never stops playing. It is the Song of Solomon, written uniquely for each of us. It quests for us with low haunting melodies, expanding cries of adoration in crescendos that fill the void between stars. Notes of purest sadness rain gently on ears made ever more deaf by the cacophony of the 21st century. In a quiet moment we begin to feel a stir, like light kisses brushing the edge of conscious, but then the phone beeps and social media demands our attention. A personal composition from God expressing her painful longing for the joy of being heard. Missed for a meme. Therefore we continue to live separate from the divine. As a result, we are separate from each other, most of us unable to perceive the link that binds us to each other and all things. Thus we continue to drift, separated from divinity and one another, pushing at one another as though our differences were like poles of a great magnet, forever driving us farther and farther with our prejudices and selfish desires until the darkness and oblivion consume us. Never seeking without to allow those differences to pull us together into a symphony. Never see them as points of celebration. Never allowing ourselves, we separate motes of dust, to be drawn together by the common good, first into a cloud, then further coalescing until the velocity and passion of interaction ignite the fires of heaven and a star is born. I despair of the hope at times that this will ever occur. I long for the day, when we, in quiet revolution embrace one another and choose lives of sincerity, simplicity, cooperation and generosity, thereby rendering irrelevant the chains of mind, body and spirit, and all they who would be jail keepers and taskmasters of the human soul, even when the dread overlord be our own limited view of who we are and our place in creation.

We are told that we are separated from the divine at birth via the simple act of breathing in life.

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Lady Godiva
by Heaven Shall Burn

Legendary Dudess o' the day

Godiva, Countess Mercia
Beyond inspiring the name opf a chocolate franchise, Godiva is known to have lived in the town of Coventry.In England, not Connecticut during the 11th century. Her husband, Leofric, Count Mercia, also did likewise. Known ends pretty much right there, which is why Godiva gets legendary dudess status because what follows could be total bullshit. Leofric was leveraging oppressive taxes against the people. He could do that, Feudal economies and all. And the aforementioned oppressed had little recourse for their grievances. Mostly due to guys who didn’t mind sticking the oppressed with something sharp and pointy in the Count’s employ. According to legend, Godiva appealed relentlessly in defense of the people until, Leofric, tired of being nagged said. I relieve the taxation if you ride naked through town.” So she did. Of course, there was an edict that no one was to gaze upon the noblewoman’s bare form. Of course, someone couldn’t resist. His name was Tom. As in Peeping Tom.  Legend tells us she didn’t just keep her mouth shut, She stood up. She stepped up out of the place that her society defined for her and did the unthinkable in defense of the weaker.

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality

— Desmond Tutu

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Photo Credit: Meself

A section of the Berlin Wall on display at the Newseum, a museum on The First Amendment in Washington DC. The Berlin Wall is a perfect symbol of oppression, and a reminder that oppressed people aren’t completely without power.


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