Insania est virtus


Thank COVID for artful isolation and the reawakening of forgotten talents and graphite dreams.

Is this a medium journey or a journey through mediums? Both I guess. Regardless it is a journey. A trip through whim and fancy and whatever I feel shared with whoever is interested. I make no pretense to any great skill or ability, but here is the journey. A begging of what I hope will be a long walk on a path which I have previously only dabbled. 

I plan on exploring a wide range of medium and techniques to further develop the style I already have. I prefer dry mediums, though am only excercised in the good old graphite pencil, oil painting in the Bob Ross style

I have found that after a lifetime of dabbling in this and that in this and that a  shared with the stops in no certain order. Thank you for your browse.


Goddess of the night - Charcoal on Paper
Goddess of the night - Charcoal on 11 x 17 Strathmore 300 Series Paper

Goddess of the Night

Selene, floating silently through her course as the dance of predator and prey spins its eternal steps beneath the shadows of her brilliance as Gaia rests for another day. This is my very first “real” charcoal drawing. Charcoal powder is delightful stuff. Part of the Moon and Birches phase.

I love the style. I love the feel, I love the depth and atmosphere created by lightly scrubbing a white charcoal pencil to give the perception of a moonlit forest reflecting into a pond and hazy distance.  This piece is an epiphany. It is where my blindness is actually an advantage for me as I didn’t have a good visual sense of what I was doing, so I didn’t try and control it, rather just let it happen.

This is, to date, my best work I think.


Moonlit Birches

moonlit forest 2
Moonlight Birches - 5 x 7 Scratchboard

Moonlit Birches from the Other Side

moonlit forest 1 2
Moonlight Birches from the Other Side- 5 x 7 Scratchboard

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